Mental Health & Family Counseling Specialist

My Personal Journey

Welcome to the world of Dr. Shaimaa Foda website, where the realms of art and psychology beautifully converge. As a recognized mental health and family counseling specialist, my journey has been anything but ordinary. Graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Helwan University, followed by a Diploma in Art Critique from the Academy of Arts, my path has been marked by a deep appreciation for aesthetics and a profound understanding of the human psyche. This unique blend of artistic insight and psychological acumen forms the foundation of my approach to mental health and well-being.


My Academic Journey

My academic endeavors took a transformative turn at the European University in Hungary, where I pursued a Master’s degree focused on the impacts of social media on mental health. This experience significantly deepened my understanding of the digital landscape and its psychological implications. Continuing this pursuit, I earned a Ph.D. in Psychological Health and Family Counseling from the prestigious European University. This advanced study has equipped me with the expertise to offer nuanced support and effective intervention strategies, addressing the diverse needs of individuals and families.


About My Book

As an author, my passion lies in illuminating the pressing issues of our era. My latest book, The Killer Notification encompasses seven insightful chapters, exploring the complex relationship between society and social media. The book acknowledges the essential role of social media in modern life while courageously confronting its darker aspects. It is a meticulous exploration of the digital phenomenon, balancing the undeniable benefits with the potential risks.

“The Killer Notification” is more than just an analysis; it offers actionable recommendations and scientific insights for optimizing the use of social media. Each chapter serves as a practical guide, providing evidence-based strategies for maintaining a healthy digital life. The book rigorously examines the effects of social media on adults and children alike, aiming to foster awareness and promote healthier digital habits. It stands as a reflection of my dedication to mental health advocacy and my commitment to providing solutions in the digital age.


About My Services

In my practice, I specialize in a comprehensive suite of services tailored to contemporary psychological challenges and personal development. My Psychological Support and Treatment Courses for Social Networking Addiction provide expert guidance and evidence-based treatments to help individuals manage their social media use effectively. Additionally, my Marriage Counseling Sessions are designed to nurture and strengthen relationships, offering couples a supportive environment to enhance communication and resolve issues.

Further expanding my offerings, I provide a variety of courses in Self-Development and Psychological Counseling. These courses are thoughtfully crafted to support individual journeys towards personal growth, delving into different facets of psychological well-being. Each course is equipped with practical knowledge and tools essential for self-improvement, reflecting my commitment to empowering individuals on their path to psychological health.

I invite you to join me in the online realm where your mental health and family’s happiness are my utmost priorities. Whether it’s navigating the complexities of social media or seeking mental health support, my structured programs are here to assist you. Together, we can explore the joys of the internet while fostering a sense of well-being and fulfillment.